What could be the future of Alien depiction in the movies?

There is no clear count on how many movies have been made on Aliens, but Aliens have been depicted in the movies as early as 1902 in A Trip to the moon or in 1915, The Birth of a Nation to the present date of all the movies released under the Alien and the Predator Franchise. Nobody knows who saw them first but sightings on UFOs and Flying saucers have been reported infrequently yet consistently since WW2. In Sep 2023, Pentagon launched the website for declassified info about the UFOs and the Congress ordered deadline for classified UFO records public release in mid-December 2023. Everyone is curious to know about life besides ours and the result is that most of these movies have been
immensely successful with the general audience.

Join me in delving into some of the other possibilities Aliens could be depicted in the future movies…

Script and Story telling

So far, the movies on the aliens have been around the themes of Science, Religion, Technology, Fear and Panic, Sex, absence of Human values. These themes were speculative because the general idea that the Aliens do really exist was still a fictitious concept to many. However, over a period of time, as many of us now believe that they do exist as per the records on NARA’s (National Archives and Records Administration) Archives and Catalog on their website as well as sightings narrated on the social media websites, the film makers may want to change the theme to that is all inclusive and the fiction could blend with many different genres and themes like comedy, drama, adventure or thriller.

Exploration on evolution

Now that the Aliens most likely have identified human race like we have identified theirs, they are keen to explore with us which race came to existence first and what is their evolutionary history vs ours and the values of that history as well as predict the future potential alien life. With the AI tools available it
won’t be too long a process to learn and interpret the mutual language. Also, with the AR/VR technologies, audience can have more immersive experience.

Dimensions, Multiverse and universal consciousness

The human race is quite riding on the curiosity of different dimensions and the soul’s journey to or through these dimensions. Filmmakers can explore the concept of parallel universes and these multidimensions in the context of alien encounters and how universal is this consciousness, the different energy fields and what laws of physics operate or defy in that reality.

A different perspective to human-centric viewpoint

It would be interesting to portray Aliens with different perspectives on life, emotions, behaviors and motivations that can challenge humans and their view points, a win-win way of peaceful living that is not prompted by scarcity or an obstinate bend to succeed. For emotions in particular, the alien encounters can give a different narrative on human relationships and emotions. This can also open the doors to thinking on their quality-of-life sans ill health and a depiction of mortality and morbidity in their race, the drivers behind these as well as other aspects of their ecosystem. But this can be intriguing. If necessity is the mother of invention, then to depict what is the necessity they are after! The stories can
also illustrate the theme around ‘ethics’, the Aliens may or may not be characterized as ethical, as another facet to the extent of emotions they harbor.
These are just few of the scenarios. The boundaries to the thoughts and possibilities of depiction through the advancing innovative technologies are limitless.

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